Mariage frères

The best tea in the world. Served exclusively at Zinque.

We currently serve the following teas from Mariage Freres:

Marco Polo

Fruity and flowery. Mariage frères overwhelming success is a mysterious blend that will take you to distant lands and unforeseen territories

Earl Grey Imperial

Bergamot-Black Tea. One of the top flavored blends. A grand spring flush darjeeling exquisitely scented with marriage freres famous bergamot fragrance

French Breakfast Tea

Rich morning black tea. This magnificent marriage of great and elegant black teas produces a rounded taste of malt and chocolate perfect with a french breakfast, with or without milk. Its highly developed flavor is both powerful and refined. A felicitous blend in the best tradition of the French Art of Tea.

The vert-Fujy-yama

A green tea grown on the slopes of the Mount Fuji, it yelds an intense and subtle aroma. Rich in vitamin C, low in theine, it is a stimulating tea appropriate for meals and enjoyable any time of the day.

Vert provence

Vert Provence, a heat-drenched image of southern France generated by a grand green tea with flowery aroma combined with tastes of Provence, red and black fruits plus sweet lavender.

Jasmin Mandarin

A grand flowery and smooth Chinese green tea scented with tender jasmine flowers.

Rouge Bourbon

This vanilla blend displays great finesse. it can be taken day or night, with or without milk.

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